How to choose skinny tie

One of the pieces of menwear that often gets a bad wrap is the tie.  With the recent trend of casualization in America, the tie has come off and most don’t miss them because men don’t understand the benefits of wearing one. Before you choose a tie, you should know what is Benefits of Wearing your skinny tie.
1. Ties Frames the Face. The tie is like an arrow to the face, drawing attention upwards for improved communication.
2. Ties are Slimming. The tie brings attention into the middle for a slimming effect.
3. Ties are a Focal Point. Each outfit needs a focal point, somewhere for the eye to rest. Particularly when in a color, the tie becomes a focal point.
4. Ties are Perceived as Professional. With case studies that have been conducted, we have found that men perceive the tie as most business-like.
5. Women Love A Man in a Tie. Skinny ties should be saved for men who are thin. It’s all about scale — men who are broader should steer clear of skinny ties since they will make them appear bigger than they are. A lot of men don’t understand the benefits of wearing a tie and so they don’t.
I think you should know how to choose your skinny tie now!

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